June Photo:  polar bears playing


Seeing polar bears is not easy. Because of where they live, because when you get there you must be respectful of them and their habitat; Furthermore, it is very likely that you will see them from a great distance or that the light will not be adequate. On this occasion we found a female, which could be the mother, and two young males. While she was looking for prey on the shore, they were playing in the water. The sky was very leaden, the bears were swimming among icebergs, with a beach of gray stones in the background. We watched them from afar so as not to disturb them and we took a few photos, but in these conditions we dedicated ourselves more than anything to enjoying them with the binoculars. The young people went from one iceberg to another, feeling themselves and nibbling on some algae. Throughout the morning, clearings opened in the sky that gave way to that fantastic low-lying light of the Arctic. The zodiac surrounded them as we left. I liked the calm sea, the pastel tones of the sky, the icebergs, and the water. And the figures of the bears, which a ray of sunlight from behind made them stand out so powerfully in the image.

Olympus E-M1X camera. Olympus M.40-150 F2.8 + MC-14 lens. ISO 250, 1/2000 and f/8. Author: Yolanda Moreno

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