April photo: ice in the Sierra


One of the most attractive subjects in winter is ice on rivers. On this occasion we find these ice structures hanging from a fallen trunk above the river in the Sierra de Madrid, in the Lozoya Valley.

We used a telephoto lens so that the background was out of focus and to highlight the detail of the ice. In addition, the sun illuminated from behind, further highlighting the detail. We ran several tests with different shutter speeds and the one we liked the most was 1/15 ". The angle of the shot is very low, the river water almost splashed the camera!

PhaseOne XF + IQ160 camera. Mamiya 210mm F/4.0 lens. ISO 50, 1/15 and f/11. Author: Juan Abal

contents © Juan Abal - Yolanda Morenosite by Bluekea