June photo: creating salt mats

Doing things with love and interest provides excellent results, as can be seen in the behavior of this young Asturian woman working with a group of women on the carpets with which they decorate streets and churches on the occasion of Corpus Christi. The process, materials and utensils attract attention. But what most undoubtedly is the care with which she is filling this design drawn on a large cardboard with salt dyed in different colors. In her face you can see the concentration on the task, and the dedication to do a good job.

I assure you that all the members of the team, from the designer to the performers, put the same affection. And this is how they obtain, at the end of a long process of several months, true works of art.

Olympus E-M1 Mark III camera. Zuiko 12-100mm f/4 lens. ISO 200, 1/80 and f/5.6. Author: Yolanda Moreno

Foto de Junio: creando tapices de sal

Hacer las cosas con cariño e interés brinda excelentes resultados, como se aprecia en el proceder de esta jovencita asturiana trabajando con un grupo de mujeres en las alfombras con las que adornan calles e iglesias con motivo del Corpus Christi. El proceso, los materiales y utensilios llaman la atención. Pero lo que mas sin duda es el cuidado con el que está rellenando de sal teñida de diversos colores este diseño dibujado sobre un gran cartón.  En su cara se aprecian la concentración en la tarea, y el esmero por hacer un buen trabajo. 

Os aseguro que todo los miembros del equipo, desde el diseñador a los ejecutantes, ponen el mismo cariño. Y así es como obtienen, al final de un largo proceso de varios meses, verdaderas obras de arte.

Cámara Olympus E-M1 Mark III. Objetivo Zuiko 12-100mm f/4. ISO 200, 1/80 y f/5.6. Autor: Yolanda Moreno

May photo: fisherman

Many times, walking along the beaches of northern Spain, we find fishermen focused on their task. I wanted to take a different photograph and used the Illustrator mode of the camera, which simulates a drawing, to obtain a more conceptual and clean image.

Camera: Sony RX100m7. Zeiss 9-72mm f/2.8-4.5 lens. ISO100, f/8.0, 1/400. Author: Juan Abal

April photo: anemones

There is more to beaches than just sand and rocks. When the tide goes down, it is time to look for "treasures" like these anemones that we find in the small puddles that are isolated. Photographing them is a challenge both on sunny and cloudy days. There is always some reflection that we prefer to eliminate for a perfect vision. To do this we used a polarizer, which in this case, with the sky overcast, did not produce the desired effect. So we worked with an umbrella, which was not without drawbacks, since it took away a lot of light and we had to use a high ISO value so that the anemones did not come out blurred. In the end, after several tests, we achieved an interesting result.

Olympus E-M1 Mark III camera. Zuiko 12-100mm f/4 lens. ISO 500, 1/60 and f/8. Author: Yolanda Moreno

March Photo: Urban Abstractions

If you follow our work you will have realized that we really like to create abstract images, both of nature and of the work of the human being. This time it is an image of an exterior staircase, made in a hotel on the coast of Mexico.

Camera: Olympus Stylus1. Objective at 64.3 mm. ISO 400, 1/60 and f/2.8. Author Yolanda Moreno

January photo: robin portrait

We were walking along the coast at sunset when we saw a robin in a bush: the sun was very low and it illuminated the bird very well. These birds are very confident and allowed us to get close enough to get a portrait from a low position.

Due to having to use a very high ISO (2,500) I have processed the image with the DeepPrime option of DxO PhotoLab to remove noise. Also, I've changed the sky with the new On1 tool to give the image a more painterly look.

Olympus E-M1X camera. Zuiko 300mm f/4 lens + 2x multiplier. ISO 2500, 1/500 and f/9. Author: Juan Abal

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