Juan Francisco
I like the outdoors and enjoy the wonders of nature. I also like to travel and experience different cultures.
At age 14 I started taking pictures with an Olympus Pen FT, which I still have, and I have not stopped since then. I like to observe my surroundings, feel its essence, then, if I can, try to translate it into an image.
I have worked with all kinds of cameras, in all formats, with most brands. I think there is not  one type of camera that fits all, so I use several different models, depending on the subject and what I want to express. Despite having many years photographing, I have still much to learn, and I am constantly studying and learning.
I capture two types of pictures: the documentary, to describe what I visit, and the artistic, where I try to capture what I feel in that place or with that subject. Those artistic photos are usually more abstract and are what I like to do most.
I enjoy being in nature. Any time of year is good, but winter is definitely my favorite season. I love skiing, snowshoes walks, any winter sport and photographing snow and icy landscapes. I do not remember which hobby came first.

I also like travelling with my camera and capture the beauty of the countries I visit.  I prefer the landscape photography.

I have used different cameras, always looking for light, easily transportable and manageable equipments. I concentrate my attention on the subject and when photographing I always try to work from every angle, exploring all its possibilities. I can spend hours photographing a flower or looking for details.

I still have a lot to learn and like to study the work of masters, both photography and painting, and learn from them, their composition techniques, and how to manage the light.


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