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September photo: king penguins in South Georgia


The islands of South Georgia, in the South Atlantic, are a paradise for nature lovers: beaches so full of animals that it is difficult to advance; high mountains and impressive glaciers. It is a remote place, very difficult to access, but where you can experience what a virgin place means, where animals are not scared but are curious about us, and come to see what we are.

In this place thousands of penguins were concentrated to moul feahters: while moult, they do not move much, because they can not go to eat to the sea and they must reserve energies. You just need to sit with the camera on the tripod and enjoy the show.

Camera PhaseOne DF, IQ160. Lens Schneider LS 80mm F/2.8. ISO 100, 1/400, f/8. Author: Juan Abal 

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