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August photo: Musk Ox


Musk oxen (Latin - Ovibos moschatus) are not hard to see in the Arctic, but they are always far away. Fearful, because they are the object of hunting, as soon as they see a human being, they put land in the middle. However, in more isolated areas with less human presence, it is possible to approach them if we are careful and do not make much noise.

This time we saw them in the north of the island of Sommerset (Canadian Arctic). We approached very slowly, one by one, hidden behind a stone. This huge male saw us, and he did not take our eyes off, but he understood that we were not a danger and continued to enjoy the fresh grass that grew in this part of the river.

Camera Olympus OMD EM-1. Lens mZuiko 40-150 F/2.8 + MC-14.  ISO 640, 1/1250, f/5.6. Author: Yolanda Moreno

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