Art Wolfe

Art is an artist who uses photography as a means of expression. His nature and travel photographs inspire and teach us. He is also a great communicator and programs of the series Travels to the Edge are an example of this. We have had the opportunity to meet him in person and found that his life and his passion is photography, and enjoys teaching those who want to learn.

Michael Reichmann

Michael is an excellent photographer with a great technical knowledge. He loves to try new technologies but whenever for best artistic result. He is a gentle and humble man, always willing to talk about anything related to photography and video. His website is an inexhaustible source of knowledge.

Vincent Munier

Photographer minimalist, likes to capture the essence of the subject, sometimes barely visible in the mist. Strong visual images. He likes to photograph when weather conditions are adverse, sometimes endangering his safety.

José B. Ruiz

A great photographer, who is always innovating and looking for new techniques. He is a master in the composition and we have learned a lot in his courses and books. A great communicator and a great person.

Ian Plant

Ian has a good talent for landscape photography. His e-book "Visual Flow" is an excellent guide to composition, as well as being very entertaining and full of good examples.

Rick Sammon

Rick is one of those photographers who have adapted very well to modern times: he has a good website with frequently updated information, conducts workshops and webinars, and even creates applications for iPads. A photographer from who we can learn many things.

We all have a few photographers who guide us,  people that we admire and follow because we like their work or approach to the medium. We like some for their artistic talent, others for their mastery of technology, others because have learned to adapt to the new world of internet and social networks.

On this page we have indicated the Spanish and foreign photographers we like for those reasons. Some are professionals, some amateurs. But everyone is able to create images that communicate something, high quality images that allow us to learn a little more every day.
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